How to froth coconut milk

How to froth coconut milk?

You are not so late to ask “How to froth coconut milk?”.  

Maybe you are a non-dairy milk lover or a person who tries versatile recipes or a vegan enthusiast in living.

I don’t know what good things which push you to look for coconut milk froth.

However, fusing the non-dairy milk with the modern coffee shop frothing is always great and which shows the world is moving towards a healthy environment is growing on. 

Being enormous growth in the non-dairy milk industry which leading the non-dairy milk industry to grow at a 14 percent rate each year & forecasting about $38 billion in 2024.

In which coconut milk plays a major role which is projected the market will reach the US $2,351 million in 2023 itself.

Seems to be shaping the ecosystem healthy..!

Not only that, coconut milk is one of the best non-dairy milk you are choosing for a dairy alternative. 

One of the interesting facts which I heard about coconut milk is, it is seeing equal to the mothers breastfeeding milk in south India as it holds rich nutritious elements concentrated in it.

So, you need to know the facts about coconut milk frothing. Great things are ahead keep reading..!

Before knowing how to froth coconut milk? You need to be getting answered for the common misgivings about the frothing of coconut milk 

Is coconut milk froths well?

Is coconut milk froths well_001

Unlike dairy milk, any non-dairy milk will froth lesser than that, However, non-dairy milk(such as oat milk, coconut milk, rice milk, hemp milk & almond milk) is also frothed to some good level. 

If you ask me “Tell me the exact level of froth for understanding. So that I can decide whether it can be drinkable or not?

I would say the fact that the coconut milks froth to a coffee shop level which can be used for the preparation of the latte & cappuccino.

By looking into the chemical composition of coconut milk which can be easy for us to compare with the cow milk to see the froth level.

You know the proteins and fats present in dairy milk are an amazing nutrient that makes the milk froth to a large extent.

Similarly, coconut milk also holds a good amount of proteins and fats. At the science level,

In 100ml of coconut milk, 24% of total fat and 2% of the protein presents which will not disappoint us in froth amount. Also, it is tested several times by the experts, the coconut milk produces a good froth quality.

There is no doubt, the coconut milk froths well. Like coconut milk, the oat milk can also be frothed at home to a great level.

Can you froth coconut milk at home?

Can you froth coconut milk at home?

In the current era, you may think extracting the milk from coconut is a time-killing process. No one would prefer that. 

But, your gut thank you if you prefer it.

Yes, though a lot of brands out there sell coconut milk in cartons, but prepare & froth the coconut milk at home is a great thing to do.

It is possible to extract coconut milk.

So, how can you froth coconut milk at home?.

In the coffee shops, frothing coconut milk happens at the milk steaming wand in an espresso machine. What do you do at home?

I think you do not have the espresso machine at home or you are doubt about whether coconut milk can be frothed at home through frother or not. 

Store-bought coconut milk or a homemade one, the coconut milk will froth well. 

So, If you have the milk frother at home, you can do froth the coconut milk which is the same as what you do with the normal milk regularly.

Don’t you have the milk frother, you can buy some cheap and best milk frothers for your daily use. The handheld milk frothers are the cheapest ones to use. You can make froth the coconut milk in a minute just by placing it in the milk jug.

Keep reading if you don’t have the milk frother or want to froth coconut milk without a frother?

Can you froth coconut milk without a frother?

Can you froth coconut milk without a frother_002

If you are drinking coconut milk for sake of the morning routine.

And you think you would not be enjoying the morning lattes as the coffee lover does, you can be able to do froth the coconut milk without a frother too. 

The coconut milk needs to hard & vigorous infusing of air into the milk which is highly possible through the milk frother.

However, if not frother, there are many ways too. It can be possible to froth coconut milk without a milk frother.

There are some common kitchen utensils at your home. You can use them to froth the coconut milk. But the froth level will vary from one which is getting from the milk frother.

How to froth coconut milk without a frother?

how to froth coconut milk without a frother_003

Even the milk frother is always best for frothing coconut milk. There are some other no-brainer ways to froth the coconut milk without a milk frother. I found a decent amount of milk froth by doing so.

So, how to get coconut milk to froth at home without a milk frother?

Other than milk frother, one of the simplest ways is the insulated flask shaking method.

You just need an insulated flask to do it. 

Have the coconut milk in the microwave oven glass. The milk can be either store-bought or homemade.

Heat the milk up to 55 deg.C. Take back the coconut milk from the oven once the temperature attains.

Just let the coconut milk for few seconds and pour it into the insulated flask.

Close tightly and shake vigorously for 20 seconds. Thus the frothed milk is ready inside the flask. However, the froth quality is not sure, whether it is at the same level as the one which is doing with the help of milk frother.

Open the insulated flask slowly. The pressure build-up inside the insulated flask is high.

See the froth level of coconut milk. If you are not satisfied with the froth quality. No worries, I found several other methods to produce good froth quality.

8 best ways to froth the coconut milk:

1. Froth using manual method

2. Use manual butter churner to froth

3. Get froth using hand electric mixer

4. Froth using a hand immersion blender

5. Froth hard using your food processor

6. Turn your blender into a milk frother

7. Use a whisk to froth oat milk at home

8. Cake mixer

The exact method tells you “how to foam coconut milk at home?”

You can follow the step-by-step procedure for the above methods by seeing MFG’s blog post wherein you will find 8 ways to froth oat milk at home without a frother.

The above method is applied to the oat milk. however, the same can be followed for coconut milk as well without any hassles.

Don’t ever ask “how to froth coconut milk at home?” This how you can make froth with coconut milk.

Which coconut milk froths best?

Which coconut milk froths best_004

Of course, homemade coconut milk is the best milk for your health. You can even use it for the coffee.

But when it comes to the preparation of the latte, cappuccino’s, hot chocolate drinks, the ordinary coconut milk extracted from home is not that much yummy.

To get some extra effect of froth & shifting your morning latte to the next level, we need to see whether the milk contains enough fat and protein. 

The fats and proteins in the milk are the ones that producing the froth. So, always say no to the skimmed milk.

If you want to use the skimmed milk, you forget about the froth.

There are some good natural coconut milk producers which are available in the market that competing with the essential good fats & proteins and seems to be good for health, approved by FDA as well.

They are also available in the local stores.

Coconut milk comes in various forms. We can get coconut milk cream, powder, and canned milk liquid too.

Some of the best coconut milk which I found in the markets are as follows. These coconut milk producers are not compromising on freshness and quality.

1. Native Forest Simple Organic Unsweetened Coconut Milk

Which coconut milk froths best_005

2. Vita Coconut Milk, Unsweetened original

Which coconut milk froths best_006

3. Anthony’s Organic Coconut Milk Powder

Which coconut milk froths best_007

4. Native Forest Organic Premium Coconut Cream Unsweetened

Which coconut milk froths best_008

The above are the best coconut milk to froth at home. You can achieve the exact coffee shop level froth if you froth it correctly.

What coconut milk does Starbucks use?

What coconut milk does Starbucks use_009

As per the Starbucks new announcement, the Starbucks coffee company uses “Single Origin Sumatra Coconut Milk” which is produced and supplied from the tropical Indonesian island of Sumatra.

As a part of more votes, because of producing the high-quality foam & consistency for their latte’s cappuccino beverages, also the best quality ingredients added to the Sumatra coconut milk, they have preferred it” says Starbucks coffee.

How to froth coconut milk with a frother?

how to froth coconut milk with a frother_010

The coconut milk can be frother easily with the help of milk frother. If you are looking for this question “how to froth coconut milk with a frother? you seem you are more likely to have latte’s enjoyable. 

So, you have no worries about producing high-quality foam, if you are using the milk frother to froth coconut milk.

You can froth coconut milk with help of any milk frother. If you do not have any milk frother, have some. Have a look at MFG’s recommendations on choosing the best-rated milk frothers.

The automatic/electric milk frothers do the job perfectly. More likely, the automatic milk frothers are good for non-dairy milk frothers, because these frothers generally come with various working functionality & temperature settings.

The features help you to enhance the frother quality of coconut milk.

So, You can use the automatic milk frother, for example, I guide you with the help of Nespresso automatic milk frother

Open the coconut milk & keep ready to put in.

Can you put coconut milk in a frother?

can you put coconut milk in a frother_011

Just pour the hot water into the milk frother. Let it be for some minute and then, you can put the coconut milk in a Nespresso milk frother. 

The Nespresso milk frother has a single button to start frothing. Press the start button to froth.

Just in a minute, the frother gets off once the frothy coconut milk is formed. The heating of the milk also does automatically. 

Open the lid and have the frothed coconut milk. Do clean the Nespresso milk frother before the milk stains are sticking to the frother walls. Otherwise, it is messy to clean at the latter.

Similarly, any automatic/electric milk frothers can be used in the same procedure.

Another way of frothing the coconut milk through frother is doing it by handheld milk frother and manual milk frother

How to froth coconut milk with a hand frother?

how to froth coconut milk with a hand frother_012

Using the handheld milkfrother, it becomes easy to froth any milk, Though the automatic milk frother froths the coconut milk effectively.

You can do froth the milk equally in the hand frother by controlling the froth amount.

Simple steps to forth the coconut milk through hand frother.

Step 1: (Pour the milk into pitcher)

Have the heated coconut milk( around 55 deg. C) ready and pour the milk into the milk pitcher. Don’t use the milk cup to froth using a hand frother. Use the high-quality milk pitcher. Because the milk spills out. Also, you cannot do latte art.

Step 2: (Turn on the hand frother)

Check the batteries added to the handheld milk frother. Just turn on the hand frother.

Step 3: (Froth coconut milk with a hand frother)

While turning on the hand frother, just keep the frother over the milk present in the pitcher.

Step 4: (Do froth coconut milk for 30 seconds)

Do the froth for 30 seconds on the top of the surface of the milk.

Step 5: (Tilt & froth coconut milk for 30 seconds)

Do tilt the frother slightly to 45 degrees on the surface of the milk frother, you able to see the frother whisk partially outside and partially inside the milk surface. Do it for 30 seconds. Now you can see the mil froth & control accordingly.

The frothed coconut milk is ready to pour. Just do some latte art over the espresso shot and enjoy the latte..!

The least good method to froth coconut milk is by using the manual milk frother. The bialetti milk frother is the best one which is easy to use if you master the technique.


I hope you have got covered everything about frothing coconut milk. In all the ways, the best way to froth the coconut milk is by using the milk frothers. Choose the best milk frothers which work great. 

Similar to coconut milk, the oat milk can also be froth at home you can check out MFG for detailed information. Having the milk frother which works best for oat milk will always work great for coconut milk too. Check out our post on best milk frothers for oat milk

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