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Best milk frother for oat milk

Have you ever thought about selecting the best milk frother for oat milk and wondered which milk frother you should be chosen.

You are not alone..!

There are hundreds of milk frothers you could buy which means it can be challenging for you to choose.

And you also agree with me, choosing the best milk frother which works specifically with oat milk is a bit hard.

But no worry for you who read this article..!

Are you freak of oat milk..!

Are you freak of plant-based milk either..!

Or maybe you are intolerant to lactose or dairy milk.

If so, the big wow..! yes we are mates… I would love to share my thoughts on oat milk frothers. 

To help you choose the one which works best as you are hoping, here is everything you need to know about. 

Do milk frothers work with oat milk? 

Do milk frothers work with oat milk_0001
Oat milks works great with great milk frothers..!

Generally, milk frothers are not only made for dairy milk(dairy milk). Milk frothers can work with any milk regardless of how much density the milk has.

Yes, If you see deep into the working functionality of milk frothers.

It is the known fact that the purpose of the milk frother is only to add up air into the liquid on which it is imposed, regardless of what type of milk it is.

So, there is no doubt in asking questions like “Do milk frothers work with oat milk?”, “Can u put oat milk in a milk frother?

You can put oat milk in frother. It runs and tries to adding up air. Also, the material used for milk frother is as close to the inert material(such as stainless steel, glass, etc..) which is non-reactive to any liquids used on it.

But the real question is, whether the oat milk is good for taking up and hold up the air, form bubbles, and lasts for a certain period or not?

Is oat milk good for frothing?

Is oat milk good for frothing_001
Having a great mark brand oat milk will always froth well..!

Even though cow’s milk is the best milk for frothing. You cannot conclude that the oat milk will not froth. The oat milk can produce its level of froth and it is quite good only.

If you want to know whether oat milk is good for frothing, you need to see the oat milk a little bit at its science.

If any milk having a good amount of proteins in it helps to cover up the air bubbles and hold them with good stability. Unlike cow’s milk, the quantity of protein is moderate in any plant-based milk (also in oat milk). 

So, the formation of micro foams is a bit hard in plant-based milk. It is not 100 % in cases of oat milk, because the oat milk contains rapeseed oil. The uniqueness of rapeseed oil helps to the formation of high-quality bubbles similar to whole milk.

Even though the composition of the oat milk varies from dairy milk, the oat milk has the equivalent ingredients as dairy milk which helps to froth it. Nowadays, most of the brands offering oat milk good for frothing.

Also, the texture and flavor of the oat milk produced are almost the same as cow’s milk. The consistency of the frothed oat milk helps to do latte art drawn easily.

So, Next to the whole milk, does oat milk froth up? Yes, oat milk is the good one for frothing, making lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos, etc.

Tip to Froth Up Oat Milk Naturally :

So far talked about the natural frothing potential of oat milk, however, nowadays in markets, most oat milk producers are using the natural additive called gelan. 

does oat milk froth up_003
Gellan is a natural substance(Thickener) found as environmental friendly..!

You don’t need to worry about “is it a plat-based one, vegan?. The gellan is a purely vegan alternative to the gelatin produced from some plant-based algae. The gelan helps to add more texture and foam formation. 

If you are worried about the froth level of oat milk, gelan is the best ingredient to make up the froth level which you can use to froth oat milk at home.

By seeing the name “additive” in the ingredient list, you may think it is an unnatural, artificial & processed one. But it is not the way you think it is, the gelan is a natural substance(water-soluble anionic polysaccharide), a great alternative to gelatin which is an animal product that helps to froth the milk, processed foods.

So, you can go try any oat milk available in the markets. If still, you are thinking about artificial-free oat milk, there are brands out there, offering gum-free, additive-free, Gluten-free oat milk which sits the best for your stomach.

Which oat milk froths the best?

Which brand of oat milk is good for frothing?
The milk which most loved by barista will always froth best..!

Now, you have got cleared about oat milk will froth good enough for your everyday drink. 

If you are only looking to prepare the oat milk for just the sake of drinking and not care about the froth it has, preparing oat milk at home is the best option.

Either you can prepare oat milk from scratch by using oat grains or You should get it from the various brands which are selling nowadays.

For the frothiest person who wants to enjoy the drink & doing various recipes for oat milk, the definitive choice would be the oat milk products available with market brands. This can give you delicious oat milk which can froth at the same level as whole milk.

The oat milk lovers encountering some of the best oat milk brands from their experience.

Each oat milk brand is named for its unique characteristics.

1. Silk oat yeah

Which oat milk froths the best_002

It’s the best for the budget. It comes with a 64-ounce carton. enriched with micronutrients such as riboflavin, calcium, Vit D, C, B12.

2. Chobani

Best oat milk to froth

Best for making coffee creamy and foamy. It holds its name good for yogurt, however, introducing oat milk also has equal popularity among the people. No artificial flavors, gluten-free.

3. Califia Farms

Top best oat milk to froth

The version barista blend is available with the Califia farms brand which is named because it will froth similar to dairy milk. It is perfect for a latte. No stabilizers, No gums, gluten-free.

4. Elmhurst 1925 Unsweetened Oat Milk

Which oat milk froths the best_005

It is named for unsweetened milk. Mostly then Elmhurst is manufactured close to the homemade one. It just contains water, salt & whole grain oats. It is also available with sweetened milk flavor.

5. Oatly(Barista Edition)

Which oat milk froths the best_006

The brand oatly stands as senior in the oat milk industry. Do you know the barista always likes the milk which is froth good enough to make any beverages like latte, chocolate coffees, etc? 

This barista edition is made for convincing the barista that oatly milk also froth similar to the cow’s milk and which can be used to make perfect latte art.

As a short conclusion, the barista edition from “Oatly” ranked as the best milk for frothing. It makes you froth any drinks from cold coffee to hot chocolate flavors. The supernatural ingredients included, in which oat milk froths the best. 

Due to their expertise in oat milk production, Starbucks debuts oatly milk into their shops now.

How to choose best milk frother for oat milk?

How to choose best milk frother for oat milk_0011

You cannot make a decision simply by hear the sayings randomly from someone. But you need to decide based on what is your requirement and your future application as well.

You are not searching the milk frother only for the oat milk. 


I hope you agree with me… 

Yes, you are not searching the milk frother which only to is used for oat milk. But you are giving the priority or giving more preference for oat milk. Maybe, you are looking for your regular cup of latte on oat milk or you would love to use frother frequently on oat milk. 

But the fact is you will be using the frother for all other kinds of milk as well in the future & not only for oat milk.

Seeing at nutritional composition, the oat milk is not regular milk(cow’s milk) to froth a good amount of froth, the protein structure of the oat milk varies with regular milk. 

Thus choosing the best milk frother mainly for oat milk needs little extra effort. The oat milk needs to be froth the milk whatever the milk density is.

It should work even the milk is thin. We require the milk frother which does froth the oat milk creamy & thicker even it is very light & liquidy, unlike regular milk.

So, choosing the frother based on your requirements will help you to made decision wisely.

How will find your requirement? 

This is where you need to look closely at the following things which we are going to explain. We will show you the common consideration in front of your table.

And you will pick the one which is most mandatory for your lifestyle.

Firstly have the basic idea of the common types of type of milk frother available in the market.

There are three common types based on the working functionality. They are as follows.

1. Manual frother:

is oat milk good for frothing_0022
  • The manual milk frother requires little effort to be done as physical work and takes little time to master the right technique to use manual milk frother.
  • It suits the persons who are not bothered about spending time rather than doing it in just a click
  • You can also carry the frother anywhere
  • No electricity needed
  • Dishwahable
  • Long durability

2. Handheld(Battery operated):

which oat milk froths the best_0033
  • No manual work is needed. You can do it by just immersing the wand inside the milk pitcher & pressing the ON button.
  • It is operated with batteries. To be replaceable once it expired.
  • You can carry the frother anywhere
  • Non-dishwashable
  • Moderate durability compared to the manual frother.

3. Automatic(Electric):

How to choose best milk frother for oat milk
  • The automatic one is best for a home setup. Just with a click of a button, you can do whatever you like. No physical work is needed.
  • Works with multi-functions with help of electric power. The consumption of electric power is moderate only
  • It can hold & do froth capacity.
  • You cannot carry it anywhere.
  • High durability 
  • Easy to use. The latest models are coming with the function of automatic off when the milk frothed up.

Steps to choose the best milk frother for oat milk:

Step 1: (Choose the best milk frother for oat milk based on functionality)


One must choose the frother based on functionality. 

In manual frother functions by just moving the plunger in and out which makes the milk froth. The froth level will be controlled based on the physical movement. Injecting the plunger helps to add air into the milk

In handheld milk frother, the frothing wand consists of a spiral whisk at the bottom which rotates at high speed to add up the air.

You cannot heat the milk in manual type & handheld frothers. But if you want it, you can heat the milk in a microwave oven or use a saucepan separately and use it for froth.

Always the more functionality comes to the automatic or electric milk frother only as it heats the milk along with frothing. It has temperature control, control over the hot, cold milk to froth & hot chocolate latte options.

Mostly every automatic frother comes with two frothing discs, one is to make a latte which produces smooth and light froth. Another one is for cappuccino, which produces thick and foamy cream.

It automatically off once the jar fills with the maximum amount of froth. 

It is a better choice to have an automatic milk frother to froth the non-dairy milk as it has less potential to froth because of its ingredients. On the opposite, the frothing power is less in manual & battery operated frother.

Step 2: (The material which is less reactive to the oat milk is good)

can you put oat milk in a milk frother_001

The material of the milk frother will be should be good enough to resist chemical reaction.

Commonly, the milk frothers come along with stainless steel & glass material. 

The glass material may be broken when handled improperly. But the froth is visible when doing.

The stainless steel is strong enough & has high durability.

The manual type of frother comes with both the material while the automatic milk frother only comes with stainless steel. Choosing the stainless steel material will be the best option for all the frother.

Step 3: (Capacity of the oat milk frother matters for you)

best oat milk for frothing_001

What will be the maximum quantity of milk you want to make for a drink daily. It is the most important field to choose.

In manual milk frother, you will be limited to froth the milk. You can only froth a glass of milk in manual type and hand-held type you can froth a cup of coffee at a time.

But in the automatic electric frother, jugs are large holds up to 6- 8 ounces of milk depending upon the device you choose. For a family of four-member, it is good to have this in the kitchen.

Step 4: (You will love aesthetic & design)

best milk frother for oat milk uk_001

In the aesthetic & appearance, the glass made device is good. You are left with only one option in case of the manual frother.

In handheld frother type, frankly speaking, the looks will not be the impact for you it is very tiny and fits in a very small space in your kitchen.

But, it is not the same for the automatic electric frother, because the size of the device is quite big. So you can choose the elegant one by look at the pictures below.

Happily, most of the automatic frothers are look good.

Step 5: (To be ease of cleaning… Extra work hurts you)

Best milk frother for oat milk_002

The manual frothers are the front runners in this case. Because it is dishwasher safe.  You can easily clean the component of the frother(jar & plunger).

In handheld frother, you just need to show the tip of the wand on tap water and clean as it is not washable as it contains the battery.

In automatic milk frothers, jugs are the main component that can be washable. The device shall be cleaned with wet clothes. You can take out the jug separately and clean it in tap water.

Step 6: (Mind it ! Price and long-lasting are directly related)

Do milk frothers work with oat milk_002

The manual frother and the handheld milk frother are available at affordable prices only.

Manual type, you can use it for the long run if you have no worries about doing the entire process of physical activity, choose this when you want a cup of milk per day. Or if you drink rarely.

The price of the handheld milk father is inexpensive only. Get this handheld frother, if you want the milk cup topped with foam. 

Also, You can froth one cup of coffee at a  time. If you want to do more than that, get ready with the batteries as a backup. So you can froth the multiple cups of coffee one by one.

Automatic milk frother covers everything which is covered above. Do not wonder..! That’s why the automatic frother is a bit expensive. 

If you are using it regularly and want to run it for a long time. This will be the best choice you want. 

Most brands that selling automatic frothers will not compromise on the quality, at the same time they give you a warranty. So expensive money you spent is get nullified with their offerings. 

But you can enjoy getting this.

What is the best milk frother for oat milk?

is oat milk good for frothing_002

There are hundreds and hundreds of milk frothers out there in the market.

Now you have a detailed idea about all the milk frothers available in the market. You can make a wise & informed decision.

Choosing the best one for your oat milk is easier now.

Also, to make your decision even easier. We have summarised the features of the best 8 milk frothers which most suits the oat milk based on the above considerations. At the end of this article, you can too answer the public “what is the best milk frother for oat milk”

8 best milk frothers for oat milk:

RankProductTop best featureType
1.HadinEEon Multi-Functional Milk
Elegant design & Easy to useAutomatic
2.Miroco Detachable Milk Frother Large capacity & Multi functionAutomatic
3.Miroco Jug Type Milk FrotherHandy and Noise level is lowAutomatic
4.Zulay Handheld Foam MakerCompactHandheld
5.PowerLix Handheld Milk Frother Easy to cleanHandheld
6.Elementi Handheld Drink MixerVersatile use ( Matcha Tea, Hot
Chocolate Bulletproof Coffee)
7.HIC Milk Creamer & FrotherHigh durabilityManual
8.Bodum Manual Milk FrotherFroth control & GiftableManual

1. HadinEEon Multi-Functional Milk Frother

which oat milk froths the best_007
Key Features:
  • Elegant design & Premium quality.
  • Froth time is only 60 to 120 s.
  • It can heat the cold milk around 130 to 149 deg. F.
  • The maximum capacity for frothing & heating will be 150 & 300ml.
  • Multi-functional.

HadinEEon is made of stainless material, designed for foamy milk & coffee lover. You can get creamy foam equal to the level of a barista’s hand made in a short time.

The customers love to have this because of the design it has. This premium quality frother is one of the best electric milk frother for oat milk to use outdoors.

From collecting the whole milk frothers, this is one of the best ones if you see it aesthetic-wise. Great product to gift someone you like. In recent years, peoples are seeing as famous stars in the industry. Based on the estimated sales & customer reviews, it is found as best milk frother for oat milk UK.

Two whisks. One is for heating & another(spring) is for frothing. You can use both at a time if you need froth & heat at the same time or you can remove the spring when you only going to heat the milk. 

If you are convinced with the capacity and you think it is enough to serve your requirement. You are on the road to becoming the next home barista.

2. Miroco Detachable Milk Frother 

what is the best milk frother for oat milk_002
Key Features:
  • Moderate design & detachable milk frother
  • Hods large capacity – 500ml milk for heating &  250ml frothing
  • High durability & Dishwasher safe
  • Guaranteed for safe working condition
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick &Queit
  • The device auto off at 100 deg.C

This detachable milk frother suits your kitchen the best. Even though it is not as much as elegant when compare with the HadinEEon, this is one of the best electric milk frother for oat milk having the high durability and long-lasting one. 

Recommend to use barista edition of oat milk to get the best taste out of it.

If you are with more than 3 family members in your home and want to enjoy the lattes to cappuccino & hot milk chocolate at family parties or office places this large-capacity milk frother will be the best suit for you.

3. Miroco Jug Type Milk Frother

can you put oat milk in a milk frother_002
Key Features:
  • The noise level is very low
  • Hods medium-capacity – 240 ml milk for heating &  115 ml frothing
  • Non-stick coating interior for hygienic cleaning
  • The frother automatically gets off when the froth is ready.

Most reviewed milk frother in amazon and Flipkart.

This is because it does work great equal to the espresso machine levels and for the same surprisingly it is budget-friendly. This makes the customers freak about this product.

This jug-type model can be used for your regular two cups of oat milk lattes. 

No additional components like detachable type, just a jug, fill it and turn the button on, you frothy oat milk will ready.

It has a milk capacity of a decent amount you can froth. You will not find out a sound whether it is running or not as the noise level is very low while operating.

If you are looking for the cheapest & quality automatic(electric) frother this is a great option to go ahead.

So, what is the best electric milk frother so far, you can choose among the above three, all of them are slightly vary, but they serve you greater than you what you read.

4. Zulay Handheld Foam Maker

does oat milk froth up_002
Key Features:
  • Simple and compact design
  • Battery operated so no electricity needed
  • Easy to clean
  • You can control froth level

An eye-catching foam formation you will see when you operate this.

You just need to dig into the coffee cup and do froth. The high-speed whisk froth like anything. The only thing, you need to find the right method to froth well.

One of the most reviewed milk frothers in handheld type.

If you are only want to enjoy a cup of coffee on daily basis and not more than a person. This is a great choice to make.

Students, personnel who living paying guests need this.

Also, you must carry this during the travel in vacation holidays without any hassle.

5. PowerLix Handheld Milk Frother 

best milk frother for oat milk uk_002
Key Features:
  • Great running power
  • Instant foamer just in 15-20 s.
  • Made of food-grade steel.
  • Easy to clean
  • Low noise level

The powerlix is a great brand which holds the name for a long time, because of the quality of the material is made. 

It has the same features as zulay. Also the most reviewed handheld frother in this category.

Easy portable. You can carry it anywhere. We heard that some people are using this for beating eggs as well because of the running power it has.

Zulay is the senior. Powerlix is a twin brother of his. 

6. Elementi Handheld Drink Mixer

Best milk frother for oat milk_003
Key Features:
  • High torque motor
  • Comes with stainless steel stand
  • Versatile application

Ergonomic and easy to use the frother.

Elementi handheld drink mixer is new to the industry. As I am saying now, don’t take this as a brand new one. It is only new when you compare this with the zulay and powerlix. That’s it.

Having freak about zulay and powerlix, no one is focusing their eyes on elements. Few of the coffee enthusiasts who always trying new things in the coffee frothing.

They tried this new elementi & saying “how versatile it is”

Yes really, this can be used to various coffee beverages like lattes, cappuccino’s,  matcha teas.

Also, they tried keto coffee and all.

They are available in various colors. Specifically, black color bears with extra Powerful High Torque Motor.

Choose this if you are a coffee enthusiast and who tries new things always.

7. HIC Milk Creamer & Frother

do milk frothers work with oat milk_003
Key Features:
  • High durability
  • Made of strong stainless steel material
  • Components are dishwasher safe.
  • No electricity of the battery

Just kick-starting with physical work of about 60 seconds, you will get a good amount of froth in the coffee cup. It can hold a capacity of 400 ml which equal to the capacity of a high-quality electric milk frother.

The only thing you need to do is pump in and out for presses for more foam.

It is well-known fact in the industry that, there is a marginal difference between the frothing the milk in electric frothing devices and manual hand pump.

No need to worry about long-lasting, because it lasts till the day when you are throwing it away. It will not rust itself for any reason.

This is one of the best durable frothers in this category(Manual type). You need to heat the milk before the frothing

So, if you are not worried about spending time on this, and you want to enjoy the frothed latte as a retired person, you can try this.

8. Bodum Manual Milk Frother

can you put oat milk in a milk frother_003
Key Features:
  • Made of borosilicate glass material
  • Components are dishwasher safe.
  • No electricity of the battery
  • The capacity of 8 ounces

This is the elegant style design in the manual type frothers. Almost the same features as of HIC milk creamer. Bodhum glass type model captured the most audiences in the UK. Like, the knife is an essential part & always available in the kitchen this model was reached every home and named as one of the best milk frothers for oat milk UK nowadays

It can create a smooth and consistent foam.

The only difference is the capacity & the material made. The advantage of this frother over the HIC milk creamer is transparency. The glass material helps to see the foam quantity & control the foam level.

Choose this if you want to gift someone.


Now you have been guided with complete information about milk frother from manual to an electric one.

Although you are looking for the best milk frother for oat milk, it is hard to digest the real fact about milk frother.

There is no brand out there in the milk frother industry which sells the milk frothers specifically designed for the oat milk yet.

Maybe in the future, due to the increase in popularity among oat milk, some brands could come forward to dig deep inside the oat milk science & manufacture the frother which focussed on oat milk.

Even though the current milk frothers which are available in the market are only made for regular milk. We have listed above the best milk frother among each category that specifically works best for oat milk by testing out each of them.

Also as oat milk enthusiasts, we had a great tip for you to get the optimal taste for frothing oat milk..! 

We are recommending the barista edition oat milk (in any brand, specifically Oatly) to use always for frothing the oat milk. This gives you the good froth as same as the regular milk. If you are not using it because of expensive, buy some gellan gums as its equivalent natural substances and add it to the oat milk and use it.

In this way, you can use any milk frother to oat milk & do all the oat milk beverages from lattes to cappuccinos. Even you try out new recipes with oat milk.

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