How to remove burnt milk from Nespresso milk frother?

I know how it feels, you have bought an automatic milk frother to enjoy your morning coffee and came across the question, how to remove burnt milk from the Nespresso milk frother?

You are not different from others…

Milk burning at the bottom is common trouble where every electric milk frothers will subject at some period. 

But it does not happen anymore for you who read this article. 

Think, how good if you find the few simple tips & trick to get rid of this problem and same will work on any frother. You can do it forever.

Digging into the science behind milk burning will help us a lot. Let see…!

Does milk burn easily?

Does milk burn easily_002

The milk burning happens with different criteria under different circumstances. Various factors are causing this. There are two common types of milk burnt.

One is the sticking of milk content on the internal surface of the pan. 

It is a process of scalding in which the milk will get separated into water & protein content internally where the temperature is 181 F. 

If the temperature rises more than that, the water settles down, and milk foam spills out and burnt on the surface of the milk pan. Then milk will burn easily.

Next is, Sticking of milk content on the bottom of the pan or milk frother

This is the scenario that happens at the milk frothers. Here, when there is an uneven distribution of heating will cause the milk to stick at the bottom of the pan by concentrating locally. This causes the milk to burn easily rather than the former one.

Why does my Nespresso milk frother burn?

why does my nespresso milk frother burn_003

When seeing the nature of material science, there are various types of steel material with various capacities of the rate of heat transfer. Also, the rate of heat transfer depends upon the thickness of the steel material.

The Nespresso milk frother is made up of stainless steel. Stainless steel has its capacity for heat transfer. When the milk frother is turned on, started to froth along with the heating.

The heating coil beneath the bottom plate of the frother generates heat. The same heat is transferred to the bottom plate of the frother. 

The burning of milk or any liquid will not happen when the intensity of heat flame produced in the coil transfers to the bottom plate through the same intensity.

How do you get burnt milk out of a Nespresso milk frother_004

But sometimes, unfortunately, due to the relation between the heat-conducting capacity of the heating coil in milk frother& the heat-conducting capacity of the stainless steel material, the intensity of heat flame producing at the coil is more than that transmitted through the bottom plate.

So higher the heat flame outside, the lower the heat which going inside the frother, the balance unabsorbed heat is instantly transmitted to the bottom plate of the frother by concentrating locally where it is feasible.

This causes the proteins and lactose in the milk to get burnt & coagulate each other and stick to the bottom plate of the frother.

Higher the thickness of the plate, the distribution of the heat at the bottom of the frother is uniform. Even though the intensity of the heating coil matters.

It is not about “why does my Nespresso milk frother burn?” because it is common for all the automatic frothers at some time and not only for you.

It is always helpful for you to know the few milk frother hacks to solve this.

How do you not burn milk?

How do you not burn milk_005

Are there any simple insightful things that help you not burning the milk?

Yes. It can happen only through balancing the inside and outside heat intensity. There should not be any unabsorbed heat in the bottom plate. The below tips help you not burning milk anymore.

Tip 1:(Remove the residual milk stains before start frothing)

How do you get burnt milk out of a Nespresso milk frother_013

Always you need to ensure there are no milk stains stick inside the bottom of the Nespresso milk frother before start frothing the milk. 

When the frother is turned on, the excess heat is set up there. More heat goes to the stain, it will get stubborn to burn and turn black color.

Wipe inside the frother bottom through a non-abrasive scrubber between subsequent uses and remove any milk residues.

Tip 2:(Clean the hidden stains in the heating whisk)

why does my nespresso milk frother burn_012

Also, clean the heating whisk before frothing. The milk residues are not visible easily in the whisks. One needs to look closely throughout the whisk and clean. 

If it is not done, we are disallowing uniform heat transfer which causes burning.

Tip 3:(Make wet the inside bottom surface of Nespresso frother) 

how to remove burnt milk from nespresso milk frother_011

Before starting the frother on, we need to make the inside of the frother wet as much as possible. For that, we need to pour some cold water(or running water) into it and rinse it for few seconds. 

Also, let the cold water inside the jug for few minutes until it is cool inside to touch. Then drain the water & pour milk to begin frothing. This will prevent the instant heating of milk. 

The wet layer between the bottom plate and the milk forms the layer for distributing the heat uniformly over the bottom surface and acts as an anti-burning layer.

Tip 4:(Do not overdo or repeated froth cycles)

How do you not burn milk_014

Do not do froth immediately after one cycle overs. This makes the bottom surface already heated continuously for few minutes after which it automatically turns off. 

When we do forth immediately. The excess heat has no way to go outside, which causes the burning. Give a rest for a few minutes to let the excess heat flow outside.

Tip 4:(Keep heating coil away from dishwasher liquid)

Although the Nespresso milk frother is water-resistant. Do not submerge the frother inside the water. 

Do not keep in contact with the frother’s heating coil(outside surface) with the dishwasher liquids. The heating coils beneath the bottom plate are not designed for dishwasher chemicals.

How to clean burnt milk from Nespresso milk frother?

how to clean burnt milk from nespresso milk frother_006

I hope you will not come across the question “How to remove burnt milk from Nespresso milk frother?” anymore if you have read the above tips.

If so, there are some great tips on how to remove burnt milk from the Nespresso milk frother. From the convenient side, you cal follow any one of the below tips which feel works for you.

Method 1:( Best overall – Using Rinza milk frother cleaner to remove the residual stains?)

So, your milk has burnt in the Nespresso milk frother, You can easily get rid of burning out using this method.

This is a tested method to remove even the stubborn stains in the Nespresso milk frother. This method is used in all the milk systems in coffee shops nowadays.

how to clean burnt milk from nespresso milk frother_012

Rinza is a dishwashing liquid specifically made for cleaning the milk, coffee stains, breaks down milk protein build-up & calcium deposits. Rather than the usual dishwashing liquid, rinza works great for milk frothers.

How to use Rinza milk frother cleaner?

Get ready with the proper ratio between the rinza liquid and water. The ratio will be “one part of rinza liquid should be added with the 16 part of warm water. For your understanding, add 30 ml rinza liquid with 500 ml warm water.

Use the above proportion, and add the mixed solution to the milk frother. Fill the solution in milk frother, the quantity of solution should be filled at least min mark level of the Nespresso milk frother.

After adding the solution into the Nespresso milk frother, Just wait for 5 minutes to soak. Just brush the frother all over the internal walls using the Oxo deep cleaning brush.

The Oxo brush is a kitchen utensil that is widely used for deep cleaning of hard-to-reach spaces in the milk frother & removes all the stains in the gaps. It really helps in the case of frother as it goes all around the grooves and nooks in the Nespresso milk frother.

How to remove burnt milk from Nespresso milk frother_014
How to remove burnt milk from Nespresso milk frother_015

Once soaked, use the run the entire solution through a milk frother.

Then turn off the frother, remove the garbage out of the frother and repeat the process with cold water to rinse & clean the frother.

Keep the rinsed frother in sunlight to dry out & use it as usual once dried.

You are good to go for your next joe of coffee. 

Note: As per instructions in rinza manufacturer, the 33.6 oz liquid can be used for 30 uses. However, personally, I feel, it is enough to use the lesser quantity per use(20 to 25 ml per use). So, the liquid can be used for more than 40 uses.

Pro tip: If you are wondering, 30 uses is very little for money. Then follow below step to use rinza liquid wisely.
  1. Just mix the few drops of rinza liquid to warm water, Pour the solution into the frother, Use the Oxo brush for rubbing. Gently brush the internal walls of the frother till removing the stains & run frother with cold water to rinse. This way, you can use th rinza liquid for more number of uses. Rinza also works for cleaning your other kitche utensils as well. So, having the rinza liquid in your kitchen will worth a lot.

2. Some of the other good usages of Oxo brush are shown below.

The rinza liquid is also coming in the form of tablets. However, both are the same in chemical composition.

See other cleaning methods below.

Method 2:(How do you get burnt milk off a milk frother using lemon juice?)

How do you get burnt milk off a milk frother_007

Take off the frother outside of the base and just pour some water inside the frother.

Soak it, squeeze lemon juice and stir it. The acidic nature of lemon juice helps loosen the hard burnt milk.

Wait for few hours, then drain the water. 

After draining of water, drop rinza milk frother cleaning liquid which works best for the milk systems such as milk frothers, coffee machines & coffee grinders. If you are not intended to buy the solution. You can use any dishwashing liquid.

Add water up to min level marked in Nespresso frother. Turn on the frother with a heating whisk for one cycle. Heating helps to make lemon juice react faster with burnt milk. 

After completion of one cycle, the frother automatically turns off. Then scratch and remove the black particles.

Finally, drain all the black particles along with the water. You will notify few small black particles to stick to the bottom surface. This you can remove it just by add by dishwashing liquid and scratch through a metal scrubber.

Method 3:(How to clean milk frother using vinegar?)

how to clean milk frother vinegar_008

Take off the Nespresso frother from the base, add powdered baking soda directly over the inside bottom of the frother. 

Add water.

Add white vinegar liquid. Then, turn on the frother with a heating whisk for one cycle. Suddenly you will the powerful chemical reaction that happens inside the frother when the liquid heats up.

How do you clean burnt milk in Aeroccino 009

This will remove the burnt milk immediately after the reaction completes.

Just drain the garbage out of frother and see if there exist any black particles. Probably no…

If exists do the same process again after few hours or just try by scratching the bottom surface through the metal scrubber or you can use the espresso cleaning brushes. This will get burnt milk out of a Nespresso milk frother and you will be fine.

Do you still have questions on how to remove burnt milk from the Nespresso milk frother? See the below method which will kick the stains out.

Method 4:( How do you clean burnt milk using black beverages?)

How do I clean my Nespresso milk frother_010

This is one of the techniques, accidentally discovered by someone that works great to clean burnt milk in Aeroccino.

Just pour some coco-cola where the milk burn happens. Make sure the black particles(burnt milk) are in contact with the coco-cola.

Let it be soaked for seven hours. Then, you remove the garbage out of the frother

Now you will be able to see the inside bottom surface of the milk frother clean and neat. No more questions on “How do I clean my Nespresso milk frother?”


It is recommended to use method 1(rinza liquid solution) among the rest of the methods. It is the safest & proven method more specific to milk frothers.

Just knowing the best cleaning process is easy. But doing it frequently without hesitating is the hardest part. But the best practices using the above tips will help you not to burn milk anymore.

Even though every milk frother will get milk burnt at some moment, choosing the durable milk frothers will reduce the burden you are facing. The MFG is the best guide for making an informed decision on choosing the best milk frothers and steamers. Please share your thoughts in the comment..! 

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    • Hi Keith,

      Thanks for asking.

      The main purpose of the brush is as follows.

      1. To take away the stains stuck on the milkfrother.
      2. Easy access to clean all the corners & hidden areas inside the milk frother.

      Any brush which done these jobs perfectly can be used. I hope the oxo brush is the best brush to clean with.

  • Rinza comes in two different solutions – one Acid and one Alkaline. Your link goes to the Alkaline product on Amazon. Just making sure that this is correct.

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