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Can almond milk be frothed?

Being a nondairy lover, you must have to get cleared on this question “Can almond milk be frothed?

Not only you, everyone wants to enjoy the frothed milk. Also, coffee will not be famous these days without the frothy milk.

Milk without foam is not milk at all…!

So, you want to enjoy the almond milk with a good amount of froth as equal to regular milk.

If yes, you will not be disappointed at the end of this reading. I made froth. You as well..!

This is the right place to know the right things about almond milk frothing. Keep reading..!

Is almond milk good for frothing?

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Ow…We cannot call almond milk. It is an extract take out from almond nuts. 

Because it is not directly extracted from cows. 

It will not froth at all. 

How can you name the same term “Milk” for the cow’s extract and almond extract?

Don’t need to care at all, If anyone telling this to you.

Yes, it’s all about the science behind it. If we know it, we can make clones to whatever else.

Look into the science, the cow’s milk contains a good amount of proteins and fat to froth. Naturally, on its own, the regular milk will froth.

But what in the case of almond milk. Though the almond milk contains lesser protein and fat content compared with cow’s milk. It will also the froth to a drinkable level.

Nowadays, the milk industries are exploring non-dairy milk larger than ever, because of the industry growth. Every barista requires gaining knowledge of plant-based milk frothing.

By testing from experts, it is found that the almond milk can be frothed by making some in the milk preparation. By altering several other factors, such as steaming, temperature, quality of milk, and added natural stabilizers, it’s found that almond milk is good for frothing.

Which almond milk is best for frothing?

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It’s about 5.8 billion total sales of almond milk in 2018 and forecasting to 15 billion in 2025. Among the other plant-based milk. This is one of the highest growth rates of 14 percent per year. 

The growth of almond milk global market is growing day by day. So, It’s not a surprising question in this era. Every non-dairy market trying to capture the market at a fast pace. 

So, a lot of great brands are producing milk. Some of them are good to froth, few are unsweetened for those looking for their dietary requirements.

However, It is a bit confusing to find out which almond milk is best for frothing, but as an overall satisfaction from the industry experts, Five of the best almond milk are mentioned below rank-wise. All of them are a unique purpose.

To froth, the markets are adding natural emulsifiers. Those are not much harm to the body, however, some of you have intolerant to them. If so, you can choose the purest form of almond in the markets.

1. Almond Breeze barista collection:

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Key Feature:

  • Almond milk can be froth to the highest level

Dairy-free, unsweetened, made for lattes, are the characteristics of the almond breeze barista collection. If you are want to enjoy the lattes and cappuccinos at home. This is the one to choose. To enhance the quality of milk, it is added with nutritious vitamins such as Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin D2. It is made for froth, a creamer one. 

2. Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk:

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Key Feature:

  • The best alternative to almond breeze

Silk is one of the greatest brands for plant-based milk for several decades, Especially almond milk is the good one, having the same texture and taste equal to the almond breeze and fortified with the same composition of minerals. Anyone can try espresso-based lattes and cappuccinos.

3. Califia Farms’ Original Almond Barista Blend:

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Key Feature:

  • A family affair, Unique ingredients and make

You can unleash your latte art from this barista version of almond milk.

Deeply anchored family farms in California, they play a great role in the plant-based milk industry. 

Shelf-stable, 50 % more calcium than other milk, smooth texture, gives only 70 calories per serving are the best characteristics of Califia farm almond milk. It is also made for barista’s latte and cappuccino. 

4. Pacific Foods Organic Almond Milk: 

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Key Feature:

  • Budget Pick

The cheapest almond milk in the industry. Though the quality is not equal to the above two, it holds good quality for the price it sells. Also produces the same amount of froth level. With the same ingredients above, the only difference is the fortification of vitamins. It is fortified with vitamin D only and lacks vitamins A & E.

The above almond milk is best for frothing. If you look at almond milk for dietary purposes, there are the purest forms of almond milk which similar to homemade are MALK Unsweetened Almond Milk, Elmhurst 1925 Unsweetened Almond Milk, Goodmylk Almond Milk.

Can almond milk be frothed up?

Yes, you can make froth with almond milk. The packed almond milk available in markets is great to froth up. It is good to use them to make great lattes closest possible to the regular milk. The frothing can be done in many ways for different kinds of milk. See how it is happening with oat milk.

How do you make frothed almond milk?

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Unlike dairy milk, all the plant-based milk is a bit hard to froth as the chemical composition differs. Due to the lack of lipid content in the non-dairy milk, the foam formed in the milk will collapse soon and not long-lasting.

From steaming to frothing, everything needs to be customized to make frothed almond milk. However the using the espresso machines, the froth level can be achieved to the desired amount. 

Steaming matters:

How do you make frothed almond milk_009

Once I heard from my friend who tested the almond milk.

As he told,

“To get a good texture and consistency, the almond milk should be steamed more than cows milk at the beginning stage, do the steaming till the formation of smaller bubbles happens. When the top surface of the milk looks shining & wet, the almond milk is ready to pour over the espresso. Making lattes are more doable than a cappuccino in non-dairy milk it seems”

I haven’t tried this before. 

So, the Steaming method differs, Frothing styles differ, Barista’s common practice differs. So, Everyone does their way of frothing. It differs from our side as well. The best way we concluded as follows.

Best way to froth almond milk:

In this, the milk frothing process is done through the espresso machine. To achieve good foam quality, texture, three steps to be followed.

Step 1: (Achieving the perfect consistency of almond milk)

How do you make frothed almond milk_011

The Almond milk needs to be stretch enough to get the consistency. So get filled the almond milk into the pitcher. Turn on the steamer(Do purge before the steaming), position the steam wand to the surface of the milk & steam it for few seconds. Stretching shall be done for few seconds only.

Step2: (To get the good texture of almond milk)

Once steaming the milk at the surface over, the desired texture can be achieved if you see it.

Next is to roll. In rolling, position the steam wand inside the surface, keep the wand submerged into the milk. Do the milk steaming for a few seconds until to attain the temperature of 55 deg. C

The high temperature will denature the almond milk, so maintain the temperature up to 55 deg. C only.

Also, the steaming shall be doing just only a few more seconds than step1. If you do it more time, the milk will become watery.

Step3: (You made the frothed almond milk)

Once done rolling, Bang the pitcher to collapse the larger bubbles, swirl it twice. Enjoy the latte.

Can you froth almond milk in a frother?

Can you froth almond milk in a frother_010

Yes, you can do froth through manual milk frother, handheld milk frother, and automatic(Electric) milk frother. 

The automatic milk frother will work great for frothing the milk. It is not highly advisable to froth almond milk through the manual method(Plunger type frother) as the foam formations require a lot of manual work and a high number of pumpings.

Milk frothers are not only made for dairy milk. It is a mechanism of adding up the air. Every milk frothers work well only. You can use almond milk in your frother.

But, what matters is, choosing the best milk frothers in case of automatic frothers and mastering the right technique in case of manual milk frothers

Can almond milk be frothed for coffee?

can almond milk be frothed for coffee

You can, but why you want to froth almond milk for coffee. It is not good to froth almond milk for making coffee. It will be a bit  weird in asking “Does almond milk froth for coffee?”

If you are doing any lattes, cappuccino’s, you must be froth almond milk as the frothy milk is the main characteristic of those.

But in the case of coffee preparation. It is not advisable to froth up almond milk. Also, it does not taste good for coffee too. But, we do froth coffee shot instead of almond milk.

So, do not froth almond milk for coffee. Instead, follow the below to make your almond milk coffee great.

How to froth almond milk for coffee?

There is no need to frothing almond milk, froth the coffee shot instead. In this frothing The keep ready with the following things.

1. Instant coffee powder

2. Honey

3. Hot water

4. Almond milk

5. Handheld milk frother

Step 1: (Use finest coffee powder)

how to froth almond milk for coffee_013

Place the drinking glass and add two tablespoons of instant coffee powder. Make sure the coffee powder is finest as possible.

Step 2: (Honey enhance the taste)

does almond milk froth for coffee_014

Add two tablespoons of honey and stir to mix equally.

Step 3: (Froth up the coffee shot)

Froth up the coffee shot_015

Pour three tablespoons of hot water into it. Now we need to froth up the coffee shot. Use the handheld milk frother to mix and froth up the coffee shot(You can also use milk frother for oat milk, soy milk, rice milk, or any plant-based milk).

Just keep the frother wand on the surface of the shot.

Step 4: ( Make the frothiest almond milk coffee)

Make the frotheist almond milk_016

You will see the coffee mix with a good amount of froth in the glass. Now pour the almond milk into the frothed coffee. Stir the whole thing through a spoon to mix up the almond milk and coffee shot. 

Step 5 :(Ready to serve..!)

can i use almond milk in my frother_017

Enjoy the great frothy almond milk coffee.


There are several practices of frothing milk that varies from country to country. However, almond milk can be frothed in many ways. Try our above steps to froth. Let me know your thoughts. If you found an even better way to froth almond milk, let me know in the comments.

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