Sunbeam Milk frother Review_001
Sunbeam Milk frother Review_001

Sunbeam Milk frother Review

You are in right place to get a piece of tangible information about the sunbeam milkfrother…! It’s a great moment for me to give a sunbeam milkfrother review now even though a lot of famous milk frother brands are available in the market. 

But the unique features which solely belong to the sunbeam milkfrother are great.

As a coffee enthusiast, I was about to bring out the In’s & Outs about sunbeam milkfrother for you.

Let’s move over the subject…

Product summary(Sunbeam Milk frother Review):

Sunbeam Milk frother Review

Sunbeam delivers this oldest & greatest milkfrother which is great for couples or a family of two. Once I have recommended this to one of my friends. So far, he cheers me with the great latte every weekend.

  • High durability
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Easy operation – Fill & Select mode
  • Non-stick coating
  • Dishwasher unsafe
  • Less capacity for frothed milk.

Features(Sunbeam Milk frother Review):

  • Versatile Foaming & Mixing
  • Automatic Temperature Control: Ensures milk does not burn during heating and foaming process
  • Compact Design: The 2 attachments for frothing and mixing store in the base when not in use, while the non-stick 250ml jug holds enough milk for 2 drinks
  • Easy to Clean: Jug, lid, and attachments can be washed in warm, soapy water
  • Easy to Use: Fill level indicators ensure quick and easy use

The frothing of milk is not a trend in the market for the last few decades. Frothy milk is just normal milk which is not identified as a very interesting thing. Sunbeam launched its products in the marketplace even before that.

In recent years, frothed milk/coffees are very famous and all over the world, it is trending. A lot of brands entered the market. However, the sunbeam has its unique features. That’s the reason I am giving a Sunbeam Milk frother Review here…

Sunbeam milkfrother has its unique aesthetic view with the simple construction. The construction-wise, very stiff and durable build material is provided with a hard handle.

The sunbeam milkfrother consists of the followings:

  1. Plasticlid
  2. Two attachments(Foam blender attachment & Milk Mixing Attachment
  3. Milk jug with handle
  4. Power base.


It has a simple operation for anyone to do in simple select mode. Two frothing attachments are used to operate the milkfrother. One has to create hot foamed milk for latte/cappuccinos & another one for blending hot or cold chocolate drinks.

Sunbeam EM0180 frother is for whom?

The frothing operation and construction show that the frother will adopt greatly for senior people(old people) with this simple operation. They can use it just by filling it & pressing the button. The minimum & maximum level is marked in the frother to avoid the spill out of milk & a good amount of froth preparation.

Above are the three operations that can be made through the milk frother. 

  1. Mix – cold

The mix cold option can be used for preparing cold milk beverages. Placing the milk mixing attachment & filling the cold milk. Followed by pressing this option mix-cold will blend the cold milk

  1. Mix – Hot

The mix hot option can be used for preparing hot milk beverages. Placing the milk mixing attachment & filling the milk at room temperature. Followed by pressing this option mix-hot will blend & simultaneously heat the milk. As a result, you get hot blended milk.

Note: In the above cases, you can prepare the beverages such as hot chocolate, cold chocolate drinks(To blend the chocolate powder with milk)

  1. Foam

Pressing the Foam option produces the frothed milk just by placing a Foam blender attachment. You can prepare the hot frothed milk & use it for a latte, cappuccinos, espresso drinks & chai.

Specifications(Sunbeam Milk frother Review):

Model NameCafe Creamy Automatic Milk Frother by Sunbeam EM0180 
Product Dimensions20.5 x 14.3 x 19.1 cm
Item Weight1.3 Kilograms
Frothing cold milk
Frothing & Heating
Heating milk
Maximum temperature65℃ /149℉
Maximum capacity for Heating & Frothing8oz / 250ml
Dishwasher SafeNo
Removable Milk Frothing PitcherYes
Accessories2 x Frothing Whisks(Heating & Frothing each)
LiningNon-stick Coating inside the jug

I have been using a lot of milk frothers since before buying sunbeam milkfrother. Most of them are jug-type milk frothers. I cannot even do latte art. 

This is the one where the jug can be detachable from the power base. Also, I can do latte art using the jug that cannot be done using the other milk frothers.

Shortcomings on Sunbeam EM0180:(Tried & reviewed sunbeam milk frother practically)

Although the milkfrother has a lot of features to operate with. A few difficulties are happening when I am using this. That is, the frother is not dishwasher safe. Placing any part of the appliance in the dishwasher may short circuit & ruin the electrical boards in the frother.

The milk jug is detachable from the powerbase. The powerbase cannot be washable using the dishwasher. 

Due to the detachment, you need to be careful while frothing. The maximum level ‘M’ should be maintained to avoid spilling out milk. 

Avoid spilling out the water over the powerbase to maintain the longevity of the frother device.


Hope this Sunbeam Milk frother Review helps you a lot before making a decision. You can also check out our new blog post for making even better decisions in choosing the best milk frothers


  1. How do I clean my sunbeam milkfrother?

You need to take the milk jug off the power base. Empty it & wait till it cools down. Wash the jug using the dishwasher liquid. You need to be careful while washing the jug. The heating coil should not be scratched while washing.

  1. How can I take care of my milk frother?
  1. Before cleaning, wait till it cools down. Then use it again.
  2. Do not immerse the power base in dishwasher liquid.
  3. DO not use sharp instruments & avoid using abrasive agents to rub the milk jug.

3. What to do when my frother stops working?

When the panel lights blinking represents the appliance is cooling down. Wait for 4 minutes to cool down. Then restart it.

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  • Thanks for your review. I just picked one up second-hand and it came without a manual. Once given a good clean, it works perfectly.

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