How to use bialetti milk frother

How to use Bialetti milk frother

No one will ask this..!

But the one whose mind addicted to traditional coffee will ask “how to use Bialetti milk frother”

Yes, Like a coffee lover you are a traditional coffee lover. Because you are chosen or you might have bought the manual milk frother rather than going to automatic one.

There are so many ways to froth the milk, thought the greatest way to froth the milk to doing it manually, which is followed in olden days.

You need to know that there is a reasonable difference in the froth quality when you doing it in the automatic machine over bialetti manual milk frother. 

The foam formation is velvety when you do it by hand. I may not figure out the difference, but there is some good advantage in transforming the energy to foam through hand over the machine via electric power.

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Also, the Bialetti retains the heritage of Italian coffee frother and one of the best stovetop milk frother.

When you have just bought the Bialetti milk frother and just want to know how to use it. 

We will not be letting you know just how to use bialetti milk foamer. Because you have invested the bucks on frother. 

You must know how to use it in the best way which will help you to improve the longevity of milk frother, make it a durable one. 

How does it happen? 

It happens with how properly you are using it. We have examined the best way to use the Bialetti milk frother which happened through the following. Keep Reading..!

How to use Bialetti tuttocrema milk frother that long lasts?

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Another way of asking this is how to use a stovetop milk frother as well.

So, how do you use a stove milk frother and keep this in good condition? The choice is in your hand too. So, how can we keep it good? 

The below steps will help to use the frother that lasts long.

Two main things you need to cover up.

One, from the aspect of the design of Bialetti frother, the main component which needed maintenance is a plunger. Use the plunger gently to froth. Always take care of the plunger & double mesh. 

Next, do not place the frother jug over the stove with fire ON condition(i.e., do not heat the jug before pouring the milk on it). This will make fatigue to the jug leads to deterioration of aluminum nonstick coat material. Just pour the milk in a jug and then keep it over the stove & heat. Do not overheat the milk. Your maximum temperature of heating will be 70 deg. C.

Even one step ahead, do not keep the jug empty immediately after taking out the hot milk. Do not let the empty jug in high temperatures. Just fill it with water which will help you to remove the residual heat set in the jug.

How do you froth milk with a frother?

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Having the Bialetti tuttocrema makes your frothing process easy. No need to ask can I put milk in my Bialetti? Simply you can put milk and froth without electricity, or fancy utensils.

You may feel, it’s not that tedious process to froth using this manual frother, 

yes, you are right..!

but there are some minute tips to be followed to make the milk froth looks good and giving less harm to the frother. Before frothing milk. Just keep ready with the required utensils.

Required utensils:

The following simple kitchen utensils you need.

1. Bialetti milk frother:

You have the Bialetti milk frother in your hand and its double mesh plunger works well to froth.

2. Milk :

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Use the desired milk you want to drink. Commonly the dairy milk froth the best over any milk. Any non-dairy milk froths to the next level. Especially, barista edition oat milk is good to froth at home.

3. Pitcher:

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Use the pitcher of your choice to pour milk.

4. Gas Stove:

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I hope you have a gas or conventional stove in your kitchen Either use it or do the heat through the microwave oven just by placing the glass of milk inside the oven for one minute.

5. Espresso shot:

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Get the fine coffee powder. Make an espresso shot by any means. 

Steps to be followed for best practice of frothing Bialetti milk frother.

Step 1:

Firstly, prepare & pour the espresso shot into the drinking cup & keep it aside. Then, get the milk filled up with a pitcher and pour the milk from the pitcher into the Bialetti milk frother jug.

Step 2:

Place the milk-filled jug over the stovetop and heat the milk gently till 70 deg. C where this is the examined favorable temperature to froth the milk. You can see the temperature by using the thermometer.

Step 3:

Once the temperature of the milk attains 70 deg.C. Turn off the gas stove and take the jug outside, Close the frother lid.

Step 4:

Hold the lid gently without slipping, pull the plunger up and pump it up/down for 15 seconds.

During this process temperature of the milk is reduced to 65 deg. C which is the best temperature for holding the froth.

Step 5:

Once the pumping is completed. Open the lid and allow the foam to flow into the jug by tilting the plunger slightly inclined without spilling the milk foam outside. Transform your frothed milk from the frother jug into the pitcher. 

Then pour the milk gently from the pitcher into the drinking cup which is already filled in with an espresso shot. Pour your way of latte or cappuccino.

If you are new to milk frothing, you may also have the following questions in your mind. 

How to clean Bialetti milk frother?

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Bialetti milk frother is a manual frother, so the cleaning process is easy.

Also, the frother is dishwasher-free. You can directly clean the frother jug, plunger, top lid in water.

After preparing the frothed milk, Just fill the water in the jug& top lid and keep it on the washing sink. 

So that the milk material sticks to the inner layer of the jug. Even though the frother is non-stick material, it is the best practice to do so.

After letting the jug for a few hours, just wash the jug gently by rubbing it. Use the washing powder to wash, don’t rub it hard. 

The double mesh plunger should be washed carefully as it is a less stiff material. Also, ensure that there is no milk material stick to the fine mesh, plunger top joints, top lids. 

These are the hidden locations where the milk content sticks always.

After washing the frother, keep it in sunlight or let it be in anywhere, keep the jug in an inverted position to drain the water particles.

So, Bialetti is a great manual milk frother with a stylish design, coming along the long way ago withholding the heritage of Italy.

Do you froth milk before or after coffee?

Do you froth milk before or after coffee_004

It’s your choice to froth milk before or after coffee, 

But it’s pretty weird to do frothing the milk after mixing it with coffee. In general, most of the coffee shops and coffee lovers will love to have the latte, cappuccino, cold coffee( Regular cup of coffees)

For this regular cup of coffee, milk should be froth separately before mixing it with an espresso shot.

More even, making latte & cappuccino means pouring the frothed milk over the espresso shot in a cup.

Another reason to froth the milk before mixing with espresso is, the milk alone works better for frothing rather than combining them with the coffee essence as the chemical composition of the milk(proteins) is good for froth. By mixing with coffee makes the frothing process unusual. If you are trying to do new recipes, get the best milk frothers that run through electric power and do anything you want.


It’s good to follow the above steps as a manual method for long-time usage of the frother which will help you to keep frother as a new one forever. You can use a Bialetti milk frother for any kind of milk you want.

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