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Westmark Milk Frother Brasilia Plus 800ml Review: An Honest Look

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Westmark Milk Frother Brasilia Plus 800ml is a high-quality stainless milk frother. We personally recommend this product for the person who wants to invest one time in a lifetime for a milk frother that will long last forever and who is not worried about manual hand operation. You can purchase this product at amazon for all country people except New Zealand people. For New Zealand, you can place order at “The Market NZ”.

Are you looking for a great manual milk frother? You must read this “Westmark Milk Frother Brasilia Plus 800ml Review“..! Probably you are a coffee lover, for you Enjoying a Latte or Cappuccino coffee is the happiest moment in your life. Isn’t it? But while making such a kind of coffee, you need frothy creamy milk.  Because without creamy milk, coffee becomes bland and a not-so-happening drink!  So, for making frothy milk, you need a milk frother machine depending on your coffee-making needs.

The milk frother is used to make foamy or thick milk for your coffee.  It prepares milk in a few seconds.  This article reviews Westemark Milk Frother Brasilia Plus 800ml.

As product reviewers, we have tested numerous milk frothers for this article.  We used some models, researched consumers’ opinions, and tested the collected results.  We always taste our products for our readers.  It is our promise as product review writers, we will give you the best of the best offers regarding desired products.

  • Premium stainless steel material 
  • Heat-resistant polypropylene lid handle 
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent and fast performance
  • Can fill milk up to 800ml
  • Suitable for induction, gas, ceramic, and electric cookers
  • Easy to clean 
  • Dishwasher friendly 
  • It can froth any type of milk 
  • Its diameter is too small for ceramic cookers 

Westmark Milk Frother Brasilia Plus 800ml Review:

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Westmark Milk Frother Brasilia Plus 800 ml is handy and makes thick and creamy milk for a latte, cappuccino, and many more coffee types.  Made with strong stainless steel, it creates frothy milk up to 800ml and comes with a heat-resistant polypropylene handle. You can use it with ceramic, electric, gas, and induction cookers.

Ryan says’’ I really like this frother. It is much more convenient than the handheld thing. His only dilemma is the little frothing piece at the bottom falls out constantly. It falls into my drink when pouring, and if he forgets to pull it out before rinsing it falls into the sink (and it’s just the perfect size to slide right into the garbage disposal area so he has to reach in and dig it out). 

Even when he pulls it out before rinsing and it manages to slip out of my hand and slide down into the disposal area. If it can’t be a permanent fixture in the device I wish it would at least click in place so it doesn’t fall out constantly. It’s frustrating enough that I have considered looking for other options even though I like the frother overall.y

Why Westmark Milk Frother Brasilia Plus 800ml is The Best Milk Frother for Your Coffee?

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Westmark Milk Frother Brasilia Plus 800 ml makes creamy and thick milk in a few seconds. The milk frother is made with premium stainless steel material. With the capability of 800 ml of milk, you can make creamy milk easily in any ceramic or glass cup.  

Whether you are an everyday coffee lover, this milk frother gives you rich, thicker, and tastier milk for your coffee. 

Its polypropylene handle prevents you from heat while holding it with milk. It is suitable for gas, electric, ceramic, or induction cookers.

When we used numerous milk frothers for our research, we found some flows in them than the mentioned product. 

Then there was the Nespresso Aeroccino Electric milk frother and sunbeam electric milk frother which easily overflows even if you fill the milk below the maximum line. 

When we tried to use it with hot milk, it produced only a thin layer of foam instead of full frothy milk. 

Talking about Westmark Milk Frother Brasilia Plus 800ml, it can heat milk faster in the container. You don’t need to use a lid to do so. 

You can easily handle its lid button by fastening its lid. The machine’s pouring lips have shaped perfectly to pour your latte coffee. 

It has impressive durable material. You can clean it easily as it is a dishwasher-friendly machine. 

After the frothing process is completed, you can smoothly remove the lid and colander without dripping milk on the kitchen floor. 

That’s why Westmark Milk Frother Brasilia Plus 800 is the best milk frother for your oat milk. You can froth any type of milk be it almond milk or cashew milk in this amazing frother machine.

Buying Guide: (Westmark Milk Frother Brasilia Plus 800ml Review)

Westmark Milk Frother Review

Do you want a better quality coffee cream, then a manual milk frother is one that will be more appropriate for your needs. You will be able to make your frothed milk in a better way and with your own style. You should also check the size of the Westmark Milk Frother when you plan to use it. It can also froth coconut milk too which is high-fat milk.

Product Specifications:(Westmark Milk Frother Brasilia Plus 800ml Review)

Model Number‎24742260
Product Dimensions‎17.5 x 16.5 x 11.5 cm; 395 Grams
Capacity‎800 Millilitres
Material‎Stainless Steel, Plastic
Item Weight‎395 g

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Milk Frother 

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If you are thinking about buying the best milk frother for your kitchen or coffee shop, you should consider the following factors:

  1. Weight 

If you buy a light-weighted frother at a cheaper price, you will get low-quality material. Plastic-made frothers can always tend to bend or crack even with little pressure. 

It will be better if you buy an expensive milk frother made with premium material. Milk frothers made with stainless steel come with a heavier weight. Such types of frothers have sturdy and ergonomically designed handles 

  1. Milk Type

Some milk frothers can be used only for certain types of milk e.g. cow milk. If you prefer another milk type, you should inquire about it before buying any milk frother. The best milk frother should be able to froth various types of milk. Any milk can use, especially oat milk and coconut milk. Knowing basic knowledge about how to froth oat milk, will help you out.

  1. Battery Size

If you use a milk frother every day, you should run it with bigger batteries. You should prefer 2 AA batteries for enough power to run your frother smoothly and faster. 

FAQ: (Westmark Milk Frother Brasilia Plus 800ml Review)

  1. What is a milk frother good for?

The milk frother converts milk into creamy, frothed, and thick milk or micro foam milk. Foamy or creamy milk is used for adding it to the coffee. You can add this frothy milk to espresso, latte, or cappuccino coffee.

  1. Are milk frothers worth it?

Yes.  Though milk frothers are expensive, they make frothy milk in a few minutes with good quality.  When you are in a hurry, or you run a coffee shop, the milk frother always comes in handy for your coffee needs.

  1. Does the milk frother also heat the milk?

Yes, it does. It heats milk at around 150 degrees Fahrenheit. You should adjust its heat settings based on the type of milk you want to use for frothing.

  1. Can I make hot chocolate in the milk frother?

Yes.  The milk frother creates thick, creamy hot chocolate. Hot chocolate made by a milk frother tastes delicious and better than normal hot chocolate.

  1. Can I froth skimmed milk?

Yes.  You can froth skimmed milk better than whole milk. However, the quality of skimmed milk foam is not lovely.

There are some good alternatives for Westmark Milk Frother Brasilia Plus 800ml. They are built with different build quality with manual-operated & battery-operated milk frothers. They are as follows:

  1. Living & Co Stainless Steel Milk Frother(Battery-operated)
  2. Aerolatte milk frother(Battery-operated)
  3. Bodum latteo 250ml milk frother(Manually operated)

Final Words 

 All in all, Westmark Milk Frother Brasilia Plus 800 ml is the best milk frother for your daily coffee needs. It can froth milk up to 800 ml. It is made with premium quality material and gives delicious dairy in a few minutes.  

To make a cafe-style coffee in your home, you can try this milk frother to get better milk quality. 

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